I’m in love!

For regular readers of this blog you’ll know that my day to day fitness tracker of choice was the Fitbit Surge (Disclaimer: I don’t just love Fitbit btw! and I do wear other brands but for the past 8 months have always gone back to the Surge, mainly due to the accompanying fitbit app … it’s just SO GOOD! )

However, I’ve given away my Surge in favour of the new Fitbit Blaze (I kid you not!) My boyfriend was pretty chuffed to receive my hand me down ..and with good reason, these bad boys are still retailing for £199.99!

Ok! Down to the nitty gritty, why do I love the blaze so much?

Well in terms of what it actually does there isn’t anything it does that the Surge doesn’t – ooh except for calendar notifications and the inbuilt Fit Star fitness app for quick workouts! Both of which are actually super helpful, but in terms of the reason I mostly use it for, tracking my day to day activity it does exactly the same as my beloved surge did .. except this time in colour!

I know, I know! It shouldn’t matter but it does, The Blaze is just a hot piece of tech and whilst I did love the Surge, and would often defend it’s unique design, I can’t deny that the Blaze does whoop it’s lovely little ass with it’s sleek design and colour display.

If you’ve owned any of the Fitbit models before then you’ll know how easy they are to set up with the accompanying app which stores all your vital statistics and calculates your maximum heart rate etc to give you detailed activity feedback.

Like the Surge you get to choose what your clock face looks like via the app (it’s the little things :)) as well as set your exercise short cuts so that you can tell the Blaze with the swipe of a screen and a press of a button what activity you’re doing each day – I selected my most frequently used form of exercise – weights, circuit training, spinning, hiking, run and workout (for group classes in my case)

Another feature I love about the Blaze is that you can tap once on the screen, swipe left and tap again to view your stats for ‘Today’ you can scroll up and down to view (in colour, eek!) your steps, current heart rate as well as your average resting HR, how many miles you’ve travelled, calories burnt and floors climbed – of course all of this you get on the Surge but it isn’t quite as easy (or pretty) to view as you have to swipe left for each stat individually.

The features are fab and the navigation really well thought through – but, if like me, you like to wear  your activity tracker at all times and co-ordination is key you’ll be most chuffed to hear that you can switch up the Blazes straps. They’re easy to whip on and off and Fitbit have brought out a range of leather and metal straps so you can change them as often as you fancy (bit like the old Pop Swatch :))

Overall, the Blaze feels like a polished version of the Surge in a brand new frock. In terms of design it’s the kind of tracker you’d be happy to wear to the office and on a night out – the same, sadly, most didn’t feel about the Surge.

The Blaze gets a big thumbs up from us all here at Fitnology and is on sale at £159.99 – I bought mine from Currys.


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