MQ, or Muscle Quality, is calculated by analyzing how current flows through muscle tissue using multi-frequency signals applied with four different sensor configurations.

Since current flows differently in muscles based on their composition and muscle fiber size, Aim® is able to evaluate the quality of your muscles.

Skulpt® has spent the last four years optimizing the placement of the 12 sensors it uses, the frequencies of the signals it applies, and the algorithms it uses to calculate MQ.

Just like your IQ, the average person has an MQ of 100 for each muscle. The higher the MQ, the stronger, more defined, and more fit the muscle will be.

Aim® is useful for anybody interested in maintaining and improving their fitness, regardless whether you’re an enthusiast or a beginner. If you’re a pro, Aim lets you target specific muscle groups tracking your strongest areas and the ones that need improvement so you can optimize your training and know exactly how it’s affecting your body.

Beginner? Aim helps you track how your body is changing, so you don’t need to track the activity that gets you there. Measuring your fat percentage and MQ, you’re able to see when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle – the result of your efforts.

Aim® is the world’s first device to measure your results by muscle. Strengthen the muscles you want to improve most, and understand how your fat is spread throughout the body. See your progress sooner with real-time results, and stay motivated as you become a better U!

Understanding your body is key. Aim’s mobile app syncs with Aim to track your progress over time, show you how your body is changing, enabling you to set goals and optimize your training.

There are a number of ways to measure body composition (total body fat).

  • Unlike bio-impedance scales, Aim® is not affected by your hydration or bone density
  • Aim compares closely to the gold standard hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, in accuracy, and its also a lot more convenient and far less expensive
  • A lot more convenient, and far less expensive than Hydrostatic Weighing or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)
  • On average Aim is 3 times more accurate than skinfold calipers as it minimizes the chance of human error. Aim is also less painful, and doesn’t require another person to pinch your fat

More importantly, Aim is the only device to measure muscle quality (MQ)! The “M” in EIM is for “myography” which literally means “the description of muscles”.

  • Aim® uses a technique called Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM), that was developed by our co-founder Seward Rutkove, MD, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.
  • EIM was developed at Harvard, MIT and other top universities and has been studied for more than a decade at dozens of hospitals on thousands of people around the US.
  • In EIM, various sensors are used to apply very small amounts of current directly to your muscles. Current flows differently in fat than in muscle, and it flows differently based on how fit a muscle is.

  • Aim measures thousands of data points for each muscle and uses algorithms that we have refined over the last five years to calculate the fat percentage and MQ.

Earn hypertrophies for goals reached and improved fitness. Discover more along the way.

Designed for worry-free use.

Results sync automatically through Bluetooth SMART.

Compact and convenient. Use it anywhere.

Dr. Seward Rutkove, Skulpt® co-founder, is a neurologist at Harvard Medical School. As a physician and researcher, he was frustrated that there were no good ways to measure muscle health. He embarked on a mission to find or develop a better way to measure muscles 14 years ago. In collaboration with physicists at Northeastern University and engineers at MIT, he developed and tested the earliest prototypes that measured EIM.

In 2009, Dr. Rutkove and Dr. Jose Bohorquez, an electrical engineering graduate from MIT, co-founded Skulpt (originally Convergence Medical Devices) to develop EIM devices.

Skulpt has been awarded various grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to develop EIM and validate it in various clinical trials.

Skulpt’s first device is being used in various clinical trials around the US to study patients with neuromuscular problems. It has even been used in collaboration with NASA to study the impact of weightlessness on the muscles of mice that have been in outer space!

About a year ago, Skulpt realized EIM could be really helpful for healthy people trying to track their fitness. Our studies had shown that stronger, leaner, and more toned people had higher MQs. Further, we found that in the wealth of data we gathered there were parameters that correlated highly with body fat percentage, independent of MQ.

This led to our development of the Skulpt Aim®.

Spec Detail 1 Detail 2
Length 4.25″ 108mm
Width 2.25″ 57mm
Height 0.75″ 19mm
Weight 0.28lbs 127g
Sensors 12 Electrodes Brushed Aluminum
Measurement Time <1 sec per min
Display 240 x 320 pixel transmissive color TFT
Light Ring RGB LEDs
Profiles Up to 6 profiles per device Each profile has individualized color light ring
Muscles 24 total: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Forearms, Chest, Abs, Thighs, Hamstrings, Calves, Glutes, Lower Back and Upper Back (left & right for each muscle)
Total Body Scores Total body fat % and MQ Calculated based on four muscles: biceps, triceps, abs, thighs
Wireless Sync Bluetooth SMART Low Energy
Battery Rechargeable NiMH 300+ muscle tests before recharge is required
Environment Water Resistant Temp: 0C to 40C
Mobile Apps iOS and Android
Memory Up to 600 muscle measurements on device Unlimited on dashboard

What is MQ and how is it measured?

MQ (Muscle Quality) is a rating of your muscles’ fitness that was designed to be intuitive. Aim uses EIM technology to send a small current directly through your muscles. It uses 12 sensors and multiple frequencies to get very accurate readings. Since the current flows differently in muscles based on their composition and muscle fiber size, Aim is able to evaluate the quality of your muscles. A typical person’s muscles have MQ of about 100, with higher numbers representing better fitness.

What are the individual muscles that Aim® will measure?

Aim will measure 12 muscle groups on both the left and right sides (24 total). The muscles are: biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, chest, abs, upper back, lower back, thighs, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Does Aim® measure your total body scores?

Yes! To get metrics for your whole body, you’ll need to measure only four muscles on the dominant side of your body: biceps, triceps, abs, and thigh.

Will a single device be able to track multiple people?

Aim is intended to be a personal/house-hold device, tracking up to 6 users – each with access to a personal mobile dashboard.

Will my hydration level affect the measurements?

No. The Skulpt Aim® is insensitive to hydration. Since Aim measures individual muscles, it forces the current directly through the muscle and fat content you are measuring, and isn’t affected by the surrounding variables, like hydration.

How does Aim® differ from bio-Impedance scales?

Bio-impedance scales measure body composition by sending a single current starting at your feet (and sometimes your hands). Most of this current will flow through your “lean mass” as this is the most conductive, so none of the current will actually flow through your fat content. Your percentage of fat is then estimated, and highly dependent on variables such as level of hydration, bone density, etc.

In comparison, Aim uses EIM technology. This is a technique in which a current is applied directly to each muscle using optimized electrode configurations and frequencies. As a result, the current is forced to flow through the fat and results are far more accurate.

Additionally, Aim also measures individual muscle groups, as well as your muscle quality (MQ). Something that bio-impedance scales, or any other device on the market, cannot give you.

Will Aim® be compatible with Android?

We’ll be launching on both iOS and Android. You must have a compatible device to sync with your Aim. This includes iPhone 5 or later, and leading Android devices. Specifically, Android devices with the Jellybean 4.3 or later versions of operating system.


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