icon-heart-o We’re in LOVE!  icon-heart If Oxstren Smart gloves deliver everything they promise when they’re released early next year, then these could quite possibly be our favourite fit gadget here at Fitnology … (OK, I know, we’ve said this before!)

However, these Smart gloves collect so much useful data and look pretty snazzy too!

The world’s first Smart Workout Gloves are envisioned with the aim to provide the most efficient single stop performance assistance during workouts. The tech integration along with the natural benefits of a glove by itself make it the most comprehensive solution with real time displays.


  1. A. Monitors Essential Biometrics
    1. Real Time Heart Rate
    2. Heart Variability
    3. Skin Temperature
  2. B. Movement Tracking & Evaluation
    1. Exercise Identification
    2. Form Evaluation
    3. Dual Hand Uniformity Tracking
  3. C. Real Time Interactive Display
    1. Heart Rate Display On Board
    2. Activity Rep Counter Display
    3. Set Gap Cooldown Counter On Board
  4. D. Force & Grip Analysis
    1. Force Measurement
    2. Grip Analysis
    3. Muscle Strength


Oxstren Gloves become your personal fitness coach and companion anytime, anywhere. Through its versatility and innovation, Oxstren aims to help fitness enthusiasts to track their complete workouts, evaluate forms and sessions, maintain optimum biometrics during workouts, monitor and assess risky situations to prevent injuries, design and re-design workout regimes and diet plans based on user performance during workout sessions and diet intake records.


Oxstren Smart Workout Gloves would help reduce your risk of injuries through a synchronization of real time data collection paired with artificial intelligence to understand the essentiality, based on which selective real time communication would be established. For example

  1. Intensity of workouts should be adjusted in accordance with the Target Heart Rate Zone.
  2. Breathing should be in tandem with exercises.
  3. Form disorientation to be identified and partial form evaluated.


A coach can only be as good as the data it receives paired with the intelligence it possesses. Keeping this in mind, the gloves along with the App are designed to collect essential workout information and analyze it. This results in

  1. During a workout, the coach would assist with exercise flow, form evaluation, heart rate zone awareness, timing of cooldown period between sets, other essentials during a workout.
  2. Evaluation of what’s working vs what’s not working
  3. Regimes for maximizing productivity in accordance with exercises, health and diet patterns.


At Oxstren, We feel getting someone motivated is half the job done. We intend to have you push your boundaries through:

  1. Engagement in real time and post workout.
  2. Gain Confidence over milestones achieved and stay hungry for ones left.
  3. Reminders for essentials right from meals to workout timings.
  4. Social platform integration to help you connect and pair up with friends.
  5. Increased pro-activeness


Measurement is the first step towards improvement. Lose the pen and paper and let us measure your sessions and progress.


One of the main elements of our artificial intelligence is to guide you from an exercise and diet point of view, to do things differently based on your goals, based on your current workout patterns and eating habits. Such a guidance is the result of complex analytics carefully planned, based on

  1. User Profile, including injuries, health conditions and eating preferences / allergies.
  2. Data Calibration of cardio and exercises done, your efficiency and intensity while doing them.
  3. Existing health, diet and body building intelligence paired with our own continuous research and data analytics.


Everything leads to Workout Optimization. Every individual is unique. Technology is un-biased. You are bound to optimize your workouts when you

  1. Reduce Injuries
  2. Improve Form
  3. Measure And Evaluate Sessions And Changes
  4. Improve Schedule Designing
  5. Eat Better And Eat Right
  6. Sleep Better
  7. Train In Proper Health Zones
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