Ollinfit is the first wearable fitness trainer with 3 sensors for superior accuracy, feedback and results.

Two biggest questions a personal trainer can answer for you are: “Am I doing it right?” and “How much weight should I be lifting?” By answering these questions, you can get the most out of your workouts.

Ollinfit has been designed to act as your personal trainer, guiding you through your workouts with real-time feedback of your form quality and weight lifted. Ollinfit will maximize your results and minimize your risk of injury.

Ollinfit is a set of three wearable sensors and smartphone app working together seamlessly to provide you with live feedback. The three sensors are strategically worn depending on the exercise to accurately capture your full range of motion. The Ollinfit Training App analyzes the sensor data in real-time and guides you with instant, easy-to-follow audio and vibration feedback – precisely when you need it.

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Live audio feedback during your exercise to help you correct bad form and get the most out of every rep.

Sensors also gently vibrate to indicate the area of improper form, helping you to identify and correct your form.

Ollinfit consists of 3 small, rugged, and comfortable sensors. The sensors track your full range of motion with unparalleled accuracy. By strategically placing the sensors depending on the exercise, Ollinfit achieves maximum coverage while maintaining ease of use. Individually, wrist worn sensors are fundamentally limited, making it impossible to analyze complex exercises. By increasing the number of sensors worn, we get a more complete picture of your biomechanics.

Based on the quality of your motion, Ollinfit recommends if you should increase or decrease weight for your next set to maximize your results and minimize risks of injury.

Ollinfit is designed closely with personal training professionals. We have integrated their years of experience and knowledge into our algorithms.


We believe knowledge is power and we strive to provide you with a detailed form feedback. Reviewing the form in detail will help you better understand the importance of good form and why certain recommendations are made.


Not sure where to start? We made it easier to get started with pre-loaded and customizable trainer programs designed for any fitness goal, whether it is to lose weight, get toned or simply bulk up.

For an exercise like squat, Ollinfit makes sure the barbell is lowered in a vertical line as it is the most efficient path. It also checks how deep your hips are lowered and how far your knees are extended to minimize the strain on your joints. This is possible as Ollinfit simultaneously measures the joint angles between your torso, thigh, knees and foot.

For an example, by looking at the angles, we are able to detect when someone does not squat deep enough. Commonly called partial squat, this variant of the exercise puts a lot of load on the quads but not enough on the glutes. This habit easily leads to muscle imbalance that will eventually harm the knees. Ollinfit takes the guesswork out of your exercise, so you can put all your effort into your workout.

To validate the accuracy of our form quality algorithm, we worked closely with personal trainers. We have integrated their years of experience and knowledge into our algorithms. Together, we continue to expand on our database of common lifting mistakes.

A quick demo of the prototype in action:

The Ollinfit app for iPhone and Android is designed to give you all the tools and vital information necessary to successfully carry out your workout session. The app gives you full control to design your exercise routines and automatically logs all your stats to keep track of your progress. This way you don’t need to carry pen or paper to the gym!


This is where it begins. Get an overview of your weekly progress and train smarter with our trainer tips.


Your workout schedule is here. Create your own exercise program or follow one of our trainers.


Watch how an exercise is performed. Make any last minute changes if needed and get ready!


Watch the rep count, form rating, and trainer feedback in real-time.


Review your set, check the trainer comments for tips on how to improve your form and recommendations to increase or decrease the weight.


At the end of your session, get a brief summary of your workout. Exercise details are automatically recorded to track your performance.

Ollinfit dates back to 2011 when our first prototype was created as part of final year engineering project at McMaster University. The first prototype aired on CTV Breakfast show on April, 2011. We founded Ollinfit Inc. after graduating from Electrical and Biomedical Engineering program at McMaster University.

Even though our mission to make personal training more affordable and accessible using wearable technology has not changed, Ollinfit has evolved a great deal since its conception. Having engineering background has been a great asset during the development phase. We have been able to put our knowledge and experience directly into the design and development of Ollinfit. Additionally, a total of 17 people with different skills and backgrounds have directly contributed to development of Ollinfit. We have transformed our initial lab prototype into a product that is now ready for the public.

The longest part of the development process has been the algorithms, which are the real “brains” behind Ollinfit. Since our initial prototype in 2011, we have spent countless hours deriving the best solution that provides the highest accuracy and immunity to false classification. It must also adapt to different body types and exercise variations. Conventional algorithms fail to meet the needs of this challenge, hence we have developed sophisticated machine learning algorithm that continues to grow smarter as it gathers more samples.

In the past four years we have successfully turned Ollinfit from just an idea and concept to an advanced wearable fitness coach. Our app is ready and will be available shortly for beta testing. We have manufactures on standby that are ready to produce a batch at the end of this campaign. We are very confident that we will be able to ship out our first batch by May 2016. We now need your support to make affordable and accessible personal training a reality. The funds raised from the campaign will be spent as following:

Thank you! Together, let’s make affordable and accessible personal training a reality.   

Risks and challenges

Ollinfit’s challenge lies in its broad scale involving both hardware and software working together as one system. However, years of engineering experience in designing solutions for large corporations puts us in an advantageous spot.

We are committed to using the materials and the components of the highest quality. Nonetheless, there are always unforeseeable issues that can arise including having to run multiple iterations during the tooling process or any components failing to meet the quality standards, resulting in delay to our schedule. Any failure to meet any local consumer electronics regulations may also result in a delay.

We are allocating 15% of the funds towards working with several engineering disciplines including mechanical engineers to optimize our designs. We are also allocating a small batch that will go through extensive testing to isolate and address any potential software bugs or any hardware defects. We will also be giving out invitations to beta testers to test our functional prototypes very soon.

We have been actively involved in discussions with our selected manufactures and are confident about the overall production process and meeting our deadline.

Note: The sensors shown on this page are 3D printed working prototypes. The finish of the actual shipped product may vary.

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