Laura Hamilton’s Full Body Workout app review

Available on iOS and Android – £2.99

The latest TV Personality to bring out a fitness app is Laura Hamilton (Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun Presenter) – admittedly she looks great, in fact I’d go as far as to say she looks hotter now then she did before children! (Go Girl!) – so I was intrigued to find out if there was any substance behind this app …

Here’s the PR blurb ….

TV presenter and fitness fanatic Laura Hamilton has created this easy-to-use Full Body Workout app to help you get in shape.
If you want to tone up, lose weight or just improve your all-round fitness, it is made for you.
There is no need for a gym. You will not need any expensive equipment. Laura’s Full Body Workout can be done anywhere, any time – it fits into the busiest schedule as the workouts are short and sweet… but effective!

There’s FIVE circuits included in the app, so a good number for the cost – it gives you a good variety and the exercises included in each are easy to follow, not too difficult but challenging – Laura demonstrates them in a straightforward way with no annoying talking over the top or cheesy motivational blurb.

I found the app easy to navigate, the circuits were well devised and easy to follow and targeted the whole body so if you stick to it, can find ten minutes a day and mix up the routines then you should start to see and feel some results. Remember though, nutrition and diet is most of the battle so combine this regime with good clean eating – lots of fruit and veg too.


Overall – a nice little app that delivers you a nice variety of workouts at the grand price of 60p each!


Let me know how you find it ….
Further info:

Mum-of-two Laura worked with trainer-to-the-stars John Beeby to produce the routines and the app shows you how she achieved her fab figure back post baby.
Laura, host of Channel 4’s A Place In The Sun, filmed the app on location in the stunning Portuguese resort of Vilamoura.

* Five complete exercise circuits, each working your total body.
* Clear, easy-to-follow video demonstrations of each exercise.
* Workout timer to motivate and track your performance.
* No gym equipment required.

They are designed to be fun and simple. Getting in shape should be an enjoyable experience and Laura’s app is built to make your fitness journey as easy as possible.
Stay safe. Exercise at your own risk. If in doubt always first seek medical advice.

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