Sounds AWESOME doesn’t it? Well 488 backers agreed, helping Adele and her team at Imaginactive to raise the funding required through Kickstarter and help them well on their way to bringing their fab idea to life.

All you need is your imagination, phone and headphones

Chances are, if you…

  • like the idea of your exercise being entertaining
  • need to bully psyche yourself up to work out
  • find exercise difficult to fit in
  • don’t have access to or feel at home in a gym
  • don’t always know what to actually do with your workout
  • want to get Apocalypse Ready

…then we’re working on something you’ll want to know about.

Imaginactive is a young company passionate about what they call exertainment – exercise experiences while being entertained. 

Imaginactive’s 30-40 minute programmes deliver full-body workouts, and take a holistic approach to your training – which basically means we don’t just challenge your body, but also your focus, resilience, imagination and intuition.

So does any of this sound awesome for a new workout?

  • Smart phone iOS and Android app delivery
  • Compact 30-40 minute programmes
  • Running, strength circuit and holistic sessions
  • Immersion in an ongoing comedy/drama episodic story line
  • Can be done at home, outdoors or on the treadmill
  • Provides physical and mental challenges

So you want an entertaining workout. We want to give you Apocalypse Survival Training.

Literally. In October 2014 Imaginative successfully kickstarted their Apocalypse Survival Training app. Season 1, arriving in 2016, will be the first in an ongoing series of audio fitness adventures to make your regular workouts remarkable.

As featured in…

See Imagineactive’s Kickstarter campaign below:

All you need is your imagination, phone and headphones

Please specify your pledge as a gift, and who for, in DM to Adele (I write to all backers anyway 🙂

Hi! My name is Adele and I’m a geek who is also totally addicted to exercise.

True story.

BUT I’m not addicted to ALL exercise – there has to be an element of fun, creativity and imagination involved.

I love imagining being in extraordinary situations which require me to be  stronger, faster and braver than I really think I am.

Between the three main areas of my life (fitness, writing and geekery) I come into contact with a lot of people who are highly skilled in the creative arts, outstanding fitness trainers and even more people who much prefer to be exercising their imaginations than their bodies.

For years now, friends have been asking me to make fitness more fun.

So I’ve put together Imaginactive Ltd with an amazing team of creatives and fitness professionals, working together to make exercise a more imaginactive, entertaining and enjoyable experience. You can meet our whole team here on our website.

We’re developing our first narrative audio fitness adventure programme, APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRAINING Season 1.

Concept Art by Letter-Q

Concept Art by Letter-Q

We’re here on Kickstarter to ask for your support to fund the programme’s production and the development of the first app (for iOS and Android).

Quick links

Imaginactive website 
Who audio fitness adventures are for
(Not the) Kickstarter video (meet Sergeant Hardman and find out more about how we came to be doing all this)
See what people have said about our alpha test episode
Imaginactive Fitness Facebook Page

What is an audio fitness adventure?

An audio fitness adventure is like an app-delivered radio play series that drops you into the heart of an action story, to work out off headphones or speakers in the company of some fairly unhinged characters.

It’s a fun way for us to create engaging, entertaining and effective fitness programs for you to use at your level, on your own or with friends, from home.


AST Season 1 is a progressive full body and mind/body workout set during an apocalyptic alien attack on London*. You are dropped in with a dysfunctional group of survivors of the initial assault, who are forced to band together to get through London to try to halt the invasion.

*though the story is set in London, the programme can be played anywhere

Concept Art by Letter-Q

Concept Art by Letter-Q

It runs over 37 cyclical 30 minute episodes alternating between strength circuits, holistic training and running.

The strength circuits involve the group preparing for their runs through London, and are led by trainer characters, much like a group exercise class.

The holistic sessions are to prepare the group mentally for the dangers ahead. They are led by ex femme fatale secret agent (now grandmother) Beatrice, and challenge your creativity, focus, resilience and intuition as well as your body.

Concept Art by Letter-Q

Concept Art by Letter-Q

The running sessions are where things get dangerous as the group attempts to stay together and alive while crossing parts of a London under siege by unnecessarily hostile alien monsters.

It will be available on iPhone and Android and require only your imagination, phone and a pair of headphones to use.

It is a guided narrative workout (not a game).

Tell me about the app

While we have GPS tracking for comparisons on the run episodes of AST, we are also really excited about putting advanced tracking and user interaction onto the next versions of the app…

...maybe on this first app, if we can bust the funding goal!

We have some private investment but on our £10k goal are still making AST Season 1 on mates rates and without the budget required to develop advanced app functionality.

Please back and share our project to your friends to help us make your exercise way more entertaining AND interactive!

How is it AST different to other audio adventure apps?

There are fantastic gamified audio adventure apps out there which you may have tried and we love too! They are generally running only programmes, or circuit only programs.

AST Season 1 is like three types of group exercise class, done in the company of a group of characters – strength circuits, holistic training and running. So over the week it represents a full body workout, and has a strong body-mind element as well. It is not gamified.

Fitness is a lifetime activity and we have BIG plans to keep producing more audio fitness adventures for you once you’ve finished AST Season 1.

This storyline sets up a vast narrative universe with a gateway to adventure hanging wide open for us to take you through many more series and missions.

We’ve already had some practice!

We made an alpha test episode of a later series, HARDMAN’S ARMY, which tested strongly early this year.

The good sergeant at work

The good sergeant at work

You can meet Hardman HERE in our (Not The Kickstarter) Video

These are some of the things our testers said about HARDMAN’S ARMY:

‘Been doing the workout about 3 times last week and it was amazing. I never thought I could do so much. Really fun and good product. It keeps you motivated and keeps distractions off.’

‘I enjoyed the story it took my mind off the PAIN!’

‘How am I supposed to stop laughing long enough to exercise?’

‘I hate exercise. Exercise is evil! But with Hardman’s Army, it goes away quickly, so it’s not so bad.’

‘Both times, I was really impressed by how well the whole thing is done! Hardman giving the instructions for the next exercise while you’re jogging gives you time to prepare yourself and understand what you’re supposed to do, and I really like that he uses the instruction-free time to give information about what muscle groups you’re working, the purpose of the exercises, bits of worldbuilding, as well as jokes of course ^^ It makes the whole audio really enjoyable to listen to throughout, so well done!’

‘As I said, my main concern is that I might have trouble keeping the rhythm if I’m laughing too much. The dialogue is awesome and hilarious.’

‘My favourite part is that I immediately found myself relating to the group members, and to be honest I kinda wish they were real characters running next to me, or that I could have a virtual version of myself running next to them.’

You can read more feedback and listen to samples from HARDMAN’S ARMY at

Concept Art by Letter-Q

Concept Art by Letter-Q

Where are the funds going?

On the production of Apocalypse Survival Training Season 1 – writing, editing, performance, recording sessions, post production, composition and the app development.

Risks and challenges

If Adele gets killed or maimed in an apocalyptic alien invasion (or other unfortunate but more likely event) then production may pause, if not stop.

That aside, more foreseeable challenges will arise if
– the 12 episode beta test uncovers issues which require an episode 1 rewrite or re-record
– the final funding allows the app’s capabilities to become more ambitious, therefore requiring longer development, testing and approval times
– the script writing or post production teams encounter more difficulty than expected (and we’re expecting a high degree of difficulty already)

We really hope to deliver ahead of schedule but whatever happens, be assured we will be working as hard as can for as long as we need to to make Apocalypse Survival Training AWESOME.

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