Going on holiday needn’t mean your health and fitness regime goes to pot! In fact it’s a great excuse with more time on your hands to think about your fitness and try out some new ways of working out.

Holiday workouts needn’t take lots of time or interfere with you relaxing or exploring – if you can find at least 20 minutes a day at a time convenient for you then you can complete a fun workout – meaning you can enjoy that Pina Colada guilt free.

Other than booking yourself in to a swanky hotel with a swish gym, my top tip would be to invest in a resistance band or two.

1) Resistance bands are lightweight, so they won’t take up much room or valuable luggage allowance, they’re inexpensive and they’re versatile so they provide a great way to stay on top of your exercise whilst you’re away.

See some exercise that resistance bands can be used for below:

Bicep curls: Stand on the band with your palms facing upwards and curl.

Delt side raise: Stand on the band and with your hands by your side raise your arms upwards away from your midline to about shoulder height.

Military shoulder press: Stand on your band, grab the handle and press over head.

Chest Press: Hook band around a pole or column, stand with hands at chest level and press forward.

Rows: Wrap band around pole, pull arms and shoulder blades back while squeezing space in between shoulder blades.

Wood chops: Hook one end of band against pole or column, pull band with arms straight down towards the floor. Make sure to rotate your core not your ams!

One leg hip lift: Lie on the floor, with one foot flat and one foot straight up. Wrap band around the heel that is in the air… lift hip with foot that is on the floor.

Squats: Stand over band, hold handles at chest level and squat!

Rear delt flys: Hook band on a pole, bend over grab handles and pull arms away from each other. Make sure your arms remain straight.

2) Pack some sensible walking footwear
Walking on holiday is one of the best ways to explore your new surroundings. Make sure you have some sensible footwear, walking boots or trainers will do, grab a map or ask for some local advice on where to head …. and follow your nose.

Walking is a great low impact exercise and costs nothing! In fact you can save on taxis or fuel if you’ve hired a car – Winner! If you’re away in the heat on a summer holiday don’t forget to take plenty of water to keep hydrated.
If you’re already fit (and the weather permits!) why not build in some sprints or make your walk a power walk – varying your pace and pumping with your arms to get your heart rate up.
Building in some inclines will intensify your workout too.

3) Use an a fitness app
There is literally an app for everything, and fitness apps are a great way to help motivate yourself and give you handy workout ideas and tips (you can check out Fitnology’s pick of the best here)
Give these FREE apps below a go
8 Fit
Do yoga with me

4) Get Creative
Use steps, stairs, benches – whatever you can get your hands – or feet – on!
Walk up, step up or use to do tricep dips and calf raises.

5) Use your body weight
Squats, lunges, push ups are all great exercises that require no equipment at all and utilise several muscles to perform (known as a compound movement)
Try the little circuit below and repeat as many times as you can
Do some suitable warm ups first such as dynamic lunges and squats, quad stretch, shoulder and tricep stretches.

10 x Squats
10 x front lunges
10 x Side lunges (do both sides – so 20 reps in total)
10 x Jump Squats – Squat down and power up with a jump
10 x push ups
20 x ab curls
20 leg raises

At least 3 times is a good start and will give you a nice little quick all over body workout

6) Unless you’re on the 100th floor, simple things like taking the stairs in your hotel instead of the lift means you’ll easily add in some cardio and raise your heart rate.


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