Wowzers, we’re barely into 2016 and Fitbit have already announced two new products they’re adding to their already stellar range. The Fitbit Blaze was announced at CES in January for a March release, and now the Fitbit Alta has been announced today for release in March also – rrp. £99.99

The Fitbit Alta is a snazzy little band with a major focus on fashion. It’s the first Fitbit with changeable straps, so you can get it to work with any outfit!

It comes with a choice of band options, including multiple colors and leather options, and you can choose from silver or gold Alta finishes.

The Alta doesn’t include optical heart rate monitoring or GPS like the existing Charge HR or the Surge, so in terms of the Tech it won’t blow your socks off and doesn’t include anything new, but it will track your daily activity such as steps and sleep – and of course sync all this data to the fantastic Fitbit app.
Fitbit Alta doesn’t have any buttons. Instead, you tap the screen to wake it up, and then tap the sides of the screen to move back and forth between the step counter, time and other options. The screen also lights up when you lift your wrist, similar to other Fitbit bands (which is a great feature in my humble opinion – my Surge allows me view stats easily whilst running or working out)

The Alta is clearly a statement from the mighty Fitbit (after their recent fall in share prices) that they take seriously the need for fashionable wearables, and should open up a whole raft of new Fitbit fans … Those who perhaps deem the other trackers in Fitbit’s range too ‘uncool’ to wear everyday.

Like many other activity trackers, the Alta will vibrate when you’ve been sitting on your butt for too long, nudging you to move. And it includes Fitbit’s relatively new “smart track” feature, which is supposed to automatically recognize when you’ve started an exercise like running, cycling, elliptical, or sport-specific workouts, and log it in Fitbit’s mobile app for you.

We’ve been spoilt by Fitbit in the past so in comparison the Alta isn’t earth shattering in terms of the Tech, but it’s pretty enough to gain fans and a real statement band from the almighty Fitbit

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